Content Marketing.

We are Content Marketing Specialists.

Content Marketing is the means by which your Inbound Strategy helps you attract prospects to your digital content, convert them into leads, and nurture them to become customers and raving fans – without interrupting them!

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What is Content Marketing?

  • Content is the message your Inbound Marketing strategy delivers to help people solve their problems, and in doing so, find your products and services. Which explains why the terms 'Inbound Marketing' and 'Content Marketing' are often used inter-changeably.
  • Content Marketing is designed to nurture people through a journey that reaches them far sooner than traditional marketing does. Where traditional marketing ‘interrupts’ people, Content Marketing allows people to discover your content at exactly the right time that they need it.
  • But you can’t just throw any-old content out there and hope for the best. The challenge is to develop content that will stand out and attract the right sort of attention.
  • With a well planned Inbound Marketing strategy, we’re able develop contagious content that resonates with your ideal customers.
What is Content Marketing?
How we do Content Marketing at DBF

How we do Content Marketing at DBF

  • Our content development methodology recognises people before they can even articulate what their problems are, let alone understand the solutions available to them.
  • Using compelling content, our methodology is designed to nurture people through the various decision stages in their research until they become a raving fan of your product or service.
  • Understanding your personas and their buyer journeys is vital to the success of this methodology. Armed with this information, we can identify the topics and types of content that will attract them to your website. This means when they get there, they will be more willing to offer up their name and email address to get your content – because it helps solve their problems.
  • This methodology is proven to be effective at generating more high quality leads for your business.

Our Inbound Marketing Methodology.


    Attract strangers to your content through social media, blogging and carefully selected paid media channels.


    Convert visitors into leads by creating compelling content that solves their problems, so they are willing to exchange their email address to get it.


    Nurture leads with relevant content to allow them to evaluate your products and services, and when they’re ready, make them an offer to join you.


    Continue to provide helpful content to surporse and delight throughout the sales and onboarding process.

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