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From freelance start-up to full service digital agency, to niche Inbound Marketing agency. The team at Done by Friday have literally, done it all.

And, at Done by Friday we like to get things, well, done. We take pride in delivering great Inbound Strategy, creating compelling content and executing outstanding programmes for our clients. You can have all the great ideas and beautiful content in the world – but it’s all a waste of time, unless it actually gets done. We like to work with clients who share the same appreciation for getting things done as us. If you’re ready to get some serious Inbound Marketing done, then we should talk.


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  • Boyd Wason

    Managing Director

    Seeing an opportunity to help brands better utilise digital channels, Boyd started Tango, one of New Zealand’s first full-service digital agencies in 2002. With Done by Friday, he aims to help businesses realise the true potential of digital channels and technologies to achieve hard objectives – produces leads and create sales.
He has developed breakthrough interactive strategies for clients including Heinz Wattie's, Holden, TVNZ, Vero and James Hardies and is recognised as an industry pioneer and leader. Boyd is a Marketing Asociation board member, has judged the NZ Marketing Associations RSVP and Nexus Awards on numerous occasions,and has seen gorillas in the wild.

  • Sonia Slattery

    Inbound Marketing Director

    Sonia is a highly experienced and versatile digital marketer whose career spans corporate communications management, digital programme design management, a stint as a tech start-up entrepreneur for pluk.com, and now a content marketing evangelist at DBF Digital. From enterprise-scale ecommerce systems to innovative multi-channel campaigns, she has guided, designed and delivered hundreds of digital projects for clients across a broad range of industries. Her strategic vision and a unique ability to bridge marketing, senior management, IT stakeholders and creative teams means she makes projects happen - on time and on budget. Sonia is a former aerobics instructor from the thong leotard era, which gives her the flexibility to chase deadlines during the day and her teenage girls at night.

  • Mark Laurence

    Inbound Strategist

    Over his seasoned career as an account manager, Mark has collected an eclectic and varied stable of career experiences working both in New Zealand and overseas. Since returning to home to NZ, Mark has developed large scale relationship marketing campaigns with iconic Kiwi brands such as BNZ, Briscoe Group, Qantas and Avis Budget Group. In 2005, Mark won a TV3 game show, what he considers one of his greatest personal achievements to date. Since then, he balances his C-list celebrity status by wearing sunglasses inside and donating any spare change he does not use for parking to a variety of NZ charities. He also celebrated a birthday this year.

  • Shweta Tomar

    Inbound Strategist

    Having worked for leading agencies, large and small, Shweta has created a career developing highly effective and engaging digital content targeted at a huge range of audiences. From living in the busy manic metros of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi in India, Shweta has now brought her energy to Auckland, her home. Clients that have benefited from Shweta's expertise are well known brands Briscoes, FlyBuys, and Spark (during their brand transition from Telecom). When you meet Shweta you’ll immediately know that she puts everything she has into everything that she does. Known for her big smile, Shweta has also been known to shine onstage – slipping into character and performing in theatre productions. In her younger days, Shweta thought that there was a high chance that she was from outer-space. She has yet to hear what her mission on earth will be but we’re confident that it’s to be an inbound marketing extraordinaire.

  • Susanne Johnson

    Inbound Strategist

    Having worked for leading companies like Siemens, Claire’s and Outsmart Games, Susanne has developed an international career creating innovative and highly engaging digital content. She has managed a variety of successful marketing campaigns from the expansion of CRM tools to foreign markets to developing virtual events for popular social gaming community, SmallWorlds. Susanne plans, executes and manages digital campaigns from start to finish and ensures they run on time and on budget. Her innovative and creative approach to marketing is backed by the latest technology and scientific research, giving her the ability to make data-backed recommendations to our clients and take their campaigns to the next level. Oh yeah, she can also speak multiple languages if you’d prefer to communicate in either German or Italian.

  • Rebekah Possingham

    Inbound Strategist

    Bek is a creative communications expert, who’s made the smart move of travelling here from her home of South Australia. She’s dabbled in a variety of areas, including television advertising, writing and editing, design, and online art. Always looking for exciting angles and ways of doing things, she’s passionate about helping clients find the right solution for their brand, while sharing her knowledge. Ever the hard-worker Bek also loves everything to be organised, leading to projects being completed on time and an obsessively tidy desk. A less used talent is dancing – a throwback from performing hip-hop in her earlier years. Now though sadly retired, her moves can be seen at parties or in the kitchen, where ‘the wetsuit’ makes a regular appearance.

  • Carman Kwan

    Inbound Strategist

    A student of marketing and information systems, Carman started her marketing journey at a small start- up, helping with campaign management and market research. Carman’s passion for digital and social marketing is an ideal fit here at DBF, as she’s loving the opportunity to learn more about inbound every day. A proud holder of Inbound Marketing certification with HubSpot, she has also become an Outbrain certified professional. This has helped Carman greatly to develop her media skills, and overall knowledge as an inbound marketer. Carman has a love of “FRIENDS” (has watched every episode 3 times) and since starting at DBF she’s discovered a great love for wine – something she expresses in both Cantonese and English.

  • Alex Krivenko

    Lead Designer

    Alex’s web designing career started over ten years ago, learning from some of the best in the industry. His approach is based on a combination of experience in web design and web development and allows him to take a client from idea creation to implementation, seamlessly. Alex draws from his extensive experience with the big names of Spark, Samsung, BNZ, Visa, Volkswagen, Fonterra, Burger King, DB Export and Mars, to name just a few. He’s a truly creative designer, loving what he’s doing and always looking for challenges, development opportunities and innovative approaches. When he’s not at work, chances are that you’ll find Alex in the sea or close to it. A keen free-diver he’s got some great stories to tell – ask him about getting up close and personal to a Mako shark - in your choice of English or Russian.

  • Bianca Stedman

    Senior Writer

    Bianca has extensive writing experience for high profile companies such as Vodafone, Tower Insurance, AMP and BNZ amongst many others. Bianca gravitated towards writing as she has a real love for effective communications and ‘plain english’. She’s loving the variety of companies that she’s able to learn about and work with at DBF. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Bianca’s varied history includes being a geologist in Kalgoorlie, swimming with crocodiles in Broome, and a romantic adventure in Rome.

  • Jinny Kim

    Junior Designer

    Jinny is a website and design wiz - using Hubspot she designs, builds and maintains websites using HTML, CSS and JS programming languages. Gaining a degree in Graphic Design, Jinny pursued a further year of study in Web Development. She has a preference for minimal and simplistic design which ties in nicely with her passion for typography and food photography. Combining this with her love for cooking and baking, her long-term goal is to open her own café one day, along with building her own house. Feel free to chat to her in Korean, English and perhaps a little Japanese.

  • Gail Cooke

    Accountant / Office Manager

    Gail is our guru for all things accounts and office management related. She's hands on in charge of all of DBF's financial and administration tasks - from accounting, debtor and creditor management and IRD statutory requirements to ordering supplies and keeping us all going! When Gail was a young chook she started out in the fashion industry but the pull of accounting was too strong. From the high life of the fashion industry, Gail then worked as a junior accountant for an accounting firm Gosling Chapman while studying Diploma in Business (Accounting) at AUT. Ten years ago Gail started working part time as a self employed accountant - getting her first gig with Sonia and Boyd! Here she is still going strong now at DBF. Gail is a keen traveller and she takes off with her family every chance she gets, both here and overseas. She also joins our gang of multi-language speakers, adding Filipino and Spanish to the mix.

We are New Zealand’s most experienced Inbound Marketers.

Inbound Marketing is a relatively new term for something that here at DBF, we’ve been doing for a long time – connecting our clients with their customers using content that builds relationships and sells.

A few years ago, we were the first to coin the phrase ‘path to purchase’. Now, everyone’s talking about it – content marketing, inbound marketing or lead generation – whatever your choice of terminology.

It’s all about using contagious content to nurture prospect relationships – finding strangers and converting them to delighted customers.

One of our earliest Inbound Marketing programmes was for James Hardie TV Showhomes in the mid-nineties. Unless you weren’t born then or out at the pub every night, this campaign burst from TV screens every evening and drove people to New Zealand’s first ‘extended content’ website.

We engaged writers and photographers who were part of the production team who collaborated on the TVC stories and prepared ‘extended content’ for the website to drive audience engagement and generate leads. Our extended content tapped into the hearts and minds of James Hardie’s ideal customers – inspiring them with design ideas and telling the story of the homeowner, the interior and the exterior of the home. At every stage, people were connected with architects and builders who could help them turn their dreams into reality, and of course, provide James Hardie with hot leads to nurture.

The principles we applied then, still apply today. We plan and create engaging and educational content that resonates with people at the right stage in their purchase process (or buyer’s journey, as we call it today) to generate leads for our clients.

Back in the TV Showhomes days, we had to build this programme from scratch and there was no such thing as social media.

Today, creating, sharing and monitoring content engagement is even more complex as there are so many digital channels available to marketers, which can be overwhelming.

But, armed with a solid Inbound Marketing methodology and the right tools, the time for Content Marketing is absolutely NOW.

We have chosen to become Inbound Marketing specialists. Why? Because it works. It works for us, and it will work for you.

Need more evidence? Here’s some information that explains ‘Why Inbound Marketing?’

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for the leaders in Inbound Marketing in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place. We’d love to hear from you.



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