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    • Inbound Strategy
    • Content Development
    • HubSpot Implementation


    Brand Machine is a fledging company providing local marketing automation software and digital asset management for big brands. With ambitious plans for global expansion, they needed a website that not only represented their brand, product and service offering, it HAD to be developed with content marketing in mind. The perfect brief!


    Although DBF has extensive experience designing and developing digital platforms using a huge variety of technologies, this was our first HubSpot COS build. We knew our client had high expectations for the design and functionality of their site, but budget was limited. We needed to create a site that met a very high design standard, yet was simple to build.

    DBF - Brand Machine
    DBF - Brand Machine


    We were able to achieve a beautiful design with some advanced user interactions and functionality to meet the brief. At the same time, the team was able to learn and push the boundaries of the COS to produce a site that has been nominated for entry into the HubSpot COS Innovators of the Year award. And, all this plus the site is all set up ready for the client to ramp up their content marketing programme.

    “I was looking for a New Zealand agency with the right expertise to help me get underway with Content Marketing and develop a new website. DBF ticked all the boxes and I’m extremely proud of what the team has been able to achieve on the HubSpot COS. Now we are working together to ramp up my content marketing programme and from what I’ve experienced so far, I’m expecting outstanding results.”