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International pioneering manufacturing company, FRAMECAD, has a longstanding relationship with DBF. Even before todays concept of Inbound Marketing reached popularity, FRAMECAD and DBF embarked on a lead generation journey with a sophisticated website and CRM integration project in early 2014. Then, with the evolution of marketing automation technology, the client and agency team embraced the opportunity to leverage even smarter lead generation methods to take the programme to the next level.


The FRAMECAD website already had a series of relatively complex integrations with the existing CRM system to capture leads. But, there was an opportunity to ramp up lead generation activity through the use of strategic content and lead nurturing programmes to attract more of the right audiences to the site.

FRAMECAD - The future of construction


DBF worked with FRAMECAD to identify and create target personas and document their buyers journeys to form the basis of a new Inbound Strategy. The first content sprint (campaign) delivered outstanding results with the premium content becoming the talking point of the industry. Although still in its early days, the programme has delivered a solid stream of leads with conversion rates unprecedented for this niche industry which typically has long prospect-to-sales timeframes.

“We have a longstanding and trusted partnership with DBF. When DBF presented the concept of the new Inbound Methodology and HubSpot platform, we quickly realised the value of the strategy to our business, which requires highly specialised B2B content. The results we are getting are delivering a return on investment, even in the early days of our programme. We look forward to continuing to rolling it out and seeing how the results build.”