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With a need to address the demand for leads and the desire to ‘do things differently’, GMI’s Marketing team approached DBF to learn more about Inbound Marketing. The courage of the team enabled the business to take a step in direction and experience results never seen before in the Financial Services industry.


GMI was struggling to generate good quality leads for its Private Portfolio service and the company wasn’t effectively leveraging its database of existing clients. Additionally, GMI's KiwiSaver offering wasn’t fully leveraging the relationship with Kiwibank to acquire new customers via their online on-boarding process.

While GMI had planned an annual above-the-line campaign with Kiwibank for KiwiSaver, there was no strategy for nurturing people who engaged with the campaign, so the promotion rested on the hope of being a ‘one-hit-wonder’. GMI needed a better way to get its message to the right audiences and produce quality leads for the business, and wanted a better strategy to replace the ‘one-hit-wonder’ KiwiSaver campaign. The result revolutionised the future of marketing at GMI.



With the initial, text-book content marketing campaign underway for the Private Portfolio service, the leads started rolling in. In fact, the number and quality of leads and MQLs generated became problematic for the advisor team to service, so promotional activity was turned off and the campaign continues to run organically today generating a steady stream of leads for the business.

The success of the first, trial campaign led to wider business recognition of the value of adopting an organisation-wide, award-winning Inbound Marketing programme.

Today, GMI has fully embraced Inbound Marketing as they way of the future, and has rolled out premium content and sophisticated lead nurture programmes for both the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver and Private Wealth divisions of the business.

Moving into the future, the business continues to evolve its Inbound Marketing programme using a combination of dedicated in-house production resources, with strategic support provided by DBF.


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“Due to the phenomenal success of the first sprint, we invited DBF to develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy as the primary communication approach for our business. This has been a huge learning curve for GMI and the results we have experienced have been unprecedented. DBF has supported us on the journey all the way, and we look forward to continuing to evolve and mature our programme with DBF at our side.”