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    • Inbound Strategy
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    The Professionals Real Estate Group is an organisation not afraid to do things differently. And when the opportunity arose to work with us, visionary CEO Mike Henderson could see that things were about to change for the business.


    Professionals is a collective of independently owned real estatate businesses who today, punch well above their weight when it comes to lead generation. Without the big brand and marketing budgets of their competitors, they knew that to find success in today’s digital market place, they needed to be smarter with their marketing spend.

    DBF - Professionals
    DBF - Professionals


    DBF has developed, implemented and evolved The Professionals Inbound Marketing programme over the course of 4 years, rolling out numerous content sprints targeting 5 key personas over that time. The programme has delivered a solid stream of leads with combined potential revenue value of over $4 million. The programme has proven its worth with members deepening their involvement to leverage and refine the programme further. Future projects include extending DBF's expertise across other critical growth areas in the business into 2019 and beyond.

    “DBF has provided invaluable strategic guidance and excellent execution of marketing strategy for The Professionals. Over the course of our relationship, myself and my key stakeholders have developed a true appreciation for the value of Inbound Marketing, and the results speak for themselves. The future for the Real Estate industry is certain to be an interesting one, so it’s reassuring to know that the work we are doing with DBF is carving out a leadership position in the digital space.”

    Mike Henderson, CEO, The Professionals Real Estate Group.