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    Hi there, thanks for coming over to find out more. Welcome!


    What’s it like to work with us?

    Aside from the fact we have an amazing team who love Inbound Marketing, there’s one thing we think is pretty special to us...we get sh*t done! That's right. When you come on board with us, expect things to happen.

    DBF is all about delivering great results for our clients.

    Working collaboratively – both with you and between our team and being super transparent. No surprises. And because we’re pretty good at what we do, you can expect excellence in everything. We also like to have a drink on Fridays. Because, you know, we got sh*t done.

    Want to know more? Meet with Boyd

    Here’s what we’ll need from you and your team:

    As much as we’d love to magic-up content out of nowhere, the reality is, we can’t. We can’t do it without you. 

    This is something that is so often (and very easily) overlooked in the excitement of signing up with your new agency. And it’s so important to be prepared for the road ahead so we’re both set up for success.

    Our job as your agency is to uncover the knowledge that often lies deep within your organisation and surface it in the right way, at the right time for your prospects, leads and customers. You are the subject matter experts in your industry. 

    So that means a commitment from your team to be a part of the journey – all the way. It means accessing the brains and experience of your customer facing staff. Yes, your sales and customer services teams. In the past we’ve had great success working with awesome marketing teams and delivering incredible volumes of leads to the sales team. And then it all falls over. If we don’t engage your sales team in this from the outset, your programme will fail.

    If they have ownership over what we’re doing – they’re part of the process; they author content (that we write for them) – they will

    buy in to it, they will use the content we’ve spent days, weeks and months creating, and they will work the leads we give them.

    We also often get asked how many hours or resources from the marketing team are needed to run inbound marketing successfully. The answer does depend on the strategy and plan we develop for you, and we’re also flexible with how we engage. For example, if you’ve already got an in-house team of designers and/or writers, then you may wish to dedicate a reasonable portion of their hours to your inbound marketing programme. At the very least, if you engage with us 

    on a full-service basis, you’ll need at least one person in your marketing team responsible for the day-to-day delivery aspects of the programme. That person will liaise with your DBF Inbound Strategist (account manager) as well as all your internal stakeholders to make stuff happen.

    This typically requires 2-3 days allocated in their job description per week. Again, we’re happy to help you work through this as we get to know each other better.

    How quickly should you expect to see results?

    How quickly should you expect to see results?

    Another great, super important question.

    Inbound marketing is a long-game strategy – it’s not like traditional marketing or advertising where you sporadically put campaigns into market, you expect instant results and they're over in a flash. 

    Inbound marketing is an investment in delivering content that helps your personas work through their buyers journey, at their own pace.

    When we deliver leads to sales, it’s about arming your sales team with information about leads and providing efficient ways for them to do what they do best – sell. For your customer services team, again, it’s about providing efficient ways for your team to delight your customers – every time.

    It’s all about building TRUST. And trust needs to be built over time.

    Word to the wise

    Bring your internal stakeholders along on the journey and get them on aboard with the long-game strategy.

    It will take 12 months of building up great content and then you'll start seeing significant, sustainable results.

    Usually, you’ll see things starting to change from the early days we're engaged onwards – but you’ll need commitment to all components of the plan to see the dial really shift.

    DBF-Word to the wise

    Or if you just want to cut to the chase, book a time to have coffee with Boyd now. He’s a pretty good guy. Just don’t let him drink too much coffee!

    Meet with Boyd Wason